Mixolydian (G) – All The 7th Arpeggios

So you’ve nailed all the arps in your A Minor position and you drop two frets down. You’re in a well-worn pentatonic box, but you’re also in G Mixolydian, which has the nice feature of connecting the two tried and true pentatonics. Having the underlying arpeggios at hand makes navigating across the fretboard more comfortable, and it allows you to explore all of the upper structure sounds (Cmaj7 over Am [3,5,7,9] for instance) that let you colorfully solo without even touching the root.

G Mixolydian 7th Arpeggios

Modal Arpeggios – Lydian

I’ve been struggling with ways to highlight modal sounds lately and figured I should try and work out characteristic arpeggios. I don’t know if this is an accepted concept or not, but I’ve found it useful, so figured I’d throw them out there. The first one is a Lydian arpeggio, which is just the major 7 with an added #4/#11.

Modal Arpeggio - Lydian